Similar to all companies globally, Land Services SA has established a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan so we can continue to serve our customers with minimum interruption in light of the of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We understand the important role we play in the State economy and are continually refining our operations and activities as the situation develops. While we are all facing unique challenges, we hope our planning will assist you navigate these unprecedented times and ensure that Land Services SA is well placed to address and mitigate any possible impact while protecting against the spread of COVID-19.

We also acknowledge the level of uncertainty in the industry about how we will continue to operate if Government and health guidelines change or if we are required to close access to 101 Grenfell Street. To help you plan and be prepared for that event occurring, we thought it beneficial to provide you further details on our own current Plan.

What we are doing now?

While Land Services SA currently remains open for business, we have established and are now operating from multiple sites, with some staff working from home. This is all aimed at limiting the risk of our business being impacted if any of our colleagues or customers are exposed to COVID-19 and one of our premises is required to be closed or if our staff need to self-isolate.

At this stage, Drop & Go, client advice, and face-to-face lodgement services remain unchanged; however, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and respond according to Government and health guidelines.

We are continually in communication with our key suppliers and other key participants in the Electronic Conveyancing industry about their proposed business continuity planning.

We are also mitigating the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by providing additional hand sanitiser for customers, visitors, and employees, increasing the level of cleaning at our premises, and encouraging staff to remain at home if they are unwell.

What will we do?

Land Services SA is committed to closely monitoring Government and health guidelines and doing what we can to limit the impact of COVID-19 on our business. Despite this, as we all know, it is likely that there will be time when some or all of us will need to self-isolate, be in lockdown or close our premises.

Land Services SA is committed to doing what it can to continue to operate. Our recent, significant investment in updating our technology infrastructure will assist support continuity of services. If at any stage there is a need to close 101 Grenfell Street as a result of a COVID-19 threat, either temporarily to allow for site cleaning or on a longer-term basis, we will implement the following actions:

  • We will communicate this immediately to industry through the usual communication channels and directly to industry bodies. This will be reinforced with signs at 101 Grenfell Street
  • Drop & Go activities will be relocated from 101 Grenfell Street to our Netley offices at Building 4A, 300 Richmond Road, Netley SA 5037 (Netley Commercial Park)
  • Face-to-Face Lodgement services will cease at 101 Grenfell Street and will be diverted to Netley office
  • Client advice (in person) will cease but will continue by telephone on 08 8423 5000 (country callers 1800 648 176)
  • Electronic lodgements will continue to be accepted in the usual course.

We are continually communicating and working closely with the Offices of the Registrar-General and the Valuer-General to limit the impact of both our premises at 101 Grenfell Street and Netley closing (whether by Government directive or as a result of staff illness) and solutions we can collectively adopt to limit the impact to industry if that were to occur.

At all times, clients can continue to settle and lodge dealings online and Land Services SA will continue to receive postal lodgements for those dealings not available through the online channel. We strongly encourage you to utilise these alternatives, and existing client protections such as Priority Notices, as part of your own business continuity planning.

We appreciate that there are many concerns around COVID-19, and we wish to reassure you that the maintenance of a healthy and safe environment and the protection of our colleagues, customers, families, and friends remain our number one priority.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and keep you updated on any changes to our service delivery in response to COVID-19. If you are unwell, we would be grateful if you do not enter Land Services SA for the safety and comfort of all and we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any suggestions or comments as to how we can better assist you and your business, we encourage you to contact us directly or speak with your industry body.

Kind Regards,

Brenton Pike

Chief Executive Officer


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