Interested in a career as a conveyancer?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. Licensed conveyancers specialise in the procedures involved in this process.

This is an administrative oriented career and involves customer service, marketing and problem-solving. It will have very stressful moments but these are counter balanced by the satisfaction of helping people achieve their dream – a home of their own.

What else should you know?

Conveyancing needs careful attention to detail and the ability to foresee and resolve issues before they escalate.

A good understanding of property law and contracts and the ability to complete documentation accurately is essential.

Conveyancers need to be proactive and organised and able to work to deadlines in order to take the client from purchase or sale through to successful settlement and be capable of dealing with any problems occurring along the way.

If this sounds like the career for you, read on!

What study is required?

To gain registration as a conveyancer in South Australia, you must obtain the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing.

TAFE SA offers the BSB61115 Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing, a tertiary level course at the Adelaide City Campus, which is also available online.

No other courses are recognised for registration as a conveyancer in South Australia.

If you have completed studies in a related area at another institution you will need to contact TAFE SA to discuss if you are eligible for credits towards the Advanced Diploma.

Who registers conveyancers in South Australia?

Consumer and Business Services is the licensing and regulating authority for conveyancers.

Further information about the registration process and requirements can be found on their website.

Student Membership with AICSA

There are many reasons for a student to become a member with us.

By becoming a member whilst studying you will be investing in your future career.

Our most important function is to offer post graduates professional development opportunities and keeping them informed and educated on changes in Legislation which impact on conveyancing.

The majority of conveyancers in South Australia are members of AICSA who are progressive and dynamic professionals leading the way in the industry. We support our membership in the pursuit of excellence both in conveyancing and in business ownership.

Conveyancing is constantly evolving and to ensure you offer the best service to your future clients you must grow accordingly.

This is why you should consider becoming a member.

Application for Student Membership

If you are studying conveyancing at TAFE you are eligible for student membership. For a minimal investment of $83.64 per annum (2021) you can become a member and enjoy the benefits of information, events and peer support we provide. Download the application form here and become part of the conveyancing community today!

Note: Student members do not need to have the form Proposed and Seconded. 

Benefits of Membership

We keep our members informed of any changes occurring in the industry through Legislative update alerts and our monthly newsletter which revolve around conveyancing issues.

Attending these events will give you an understanding of the tasks you will need to master when working as a conveyancer.

Attendance is beneficial to your future employment opportunities as it shows your willingness to go the extra mile in your development as a professional conveyancer.

How we help you with finding your first conveyancing job

Our employment register advertises positions available, and you are able to place an advert seeking a position free of charge.

Networking opportunities are available at our seminars, the annual conference and partner sponsored events.

Supplementary studies we offer

We offer a Practical Skills Certificate which is suitable for conveyancing students, newly qualified conveyancers and support staff.

This course covers a wide range of introductory subjects using practical learning material, relatable to the daily tasks a conveyancer must complete. These tasks include opening, managing and closing a file, contractual issues, finance and accounting issues and risk management.

By obtaining this certificate you will gain confidence in your abilities and have a valuable addition to your resume.

Many of our members send their staff on this course as it makes them an invaluable member of their team, click here to register for our 2021 program or call us on 08 8359 2090.

Click here to see why our member conveyancer believes this course is important for their staff

“In most modern conveyancing and legal practices there are non-conveyancer staff members performing conveyancing duties on a daily basis. The Practical Skills Course arms non-conveyancer staff members or newly qualified conveyancers with the knowledge and skill set to assist in conveyancing files with confidence. As a practitioner it is always comforting to know the person on the other side of the file has a good understanding of their duties. It is obvious and reassuring when you are dealing with someone who has attended this course, you know they will have a firm grasp of their responsibilities and the capability to manage them.”

Gemma Wallace, Registered Conveyancer

Please note that completion of this course is not a qualification to practise conveyancing.

Our team is here to answer all your membership questions.

Our team can explain to you the application process and if required send you an application form.

Fill out the contact form below, email or call 08 8359 2090.

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