Interested in a career as a conveyancer?

Embark on a Rewarding Career in Conveyancing

Are you captivated by the property market? Intrigued by legal work? Passionate about assisting people through complex processes? If so, studying to become a conveyancer might be the perfect career choice for you. Discover a world of possibilities, with promising career prospects, fascinating work, and the opportunity to make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

As a conveyancer, you’ll thrive in a role that demands proactivity, organisation, and effective communication skills. Guiding clients from purchase or sale to successful settlement, you’ll relish the satisfaction of managing deadlines and paying meticulous attention to detail. Your ability to anticipate and resolve issues before they escalate will set you apart in this profession.

Deepening your understanding of property law, contracts, and documentation accuracy is essential. By mastering these skills, you’ll become a trusted expert, ensuring smooth and seamless property transactions.

Why should I become a conveyancer?

High demand: The property market creates a constant need for qualified conveyancers. With this demand comes excellent career prospects and the potential for advancement in the field.

Engaging and varied work: Conveyancing presents a wide array of legal and administrative tasks, ensuring a stimulating and ever-evolving career. Each property transaction is unique, providing continuous opportunities for growth and learning.

Lucrative opportunities: Qualified conveyancers can enjoy a rewarding salary, with earning potential increasing as they gain experience and hone their skills.

Flexible work arrangements: Many conveyancers have the freedom to work independently or join small firms, offering flexible working hours and arrangements that accommodate a balanced lifestyle.

Fulfilling people’s dreams: As a conveyancer, you’ll relish the immense satisfaction of helping individuals achieve their lifelong dream of owning a home. Your expertise will be instrumental in transforming aspirations into reality.

If this resonates with your aspirations, seize the opportunity and embark on an exciting journey in conveyancing.

What study is required?

To gain registration as a conveyancer in South Australia, you must obtain the Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing.

Click here to view the full qualifcation requirements.

If you have completed studies in a related area at another institution you will need to contact your Registered Training Organisation to discuss if you are eligible for credits towards the Advanced Diploma.

The majority of students complete their studies through TAFE SA however there are other RTOs who provide the Advanced Diploma as a study option.

Click here to download TAFE SA’s Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing Flyer

Who registers conveyancers in South Australia?

Consumer and Business Services is the licensing and regulating authority for conveyancers.

Further information about the registration process and requirements can be found on their website.

Student Membership with AICSA

If you’re currently studying to become a conveyancer, we can offer you the opportunity to join as an independent student member.

By becoming a member, you are getting your introduction to the conveyancing profession here in South Australia. You gain access to all of our member resources including our Trust Account Manual, invitations to participate in our Professional Development seminars and workshops at a discounted member rate, updates on any important legislative changes and a copy of our monthly newsletter.

There is also the opportunity to be a part of our Best Practice Groups, Conveyancer Mentor/Mentee Program and attend events to network with your future peers.

Application for Student Membership

For a small investment per annum, you can become a member and enjoy the benefits of an AICSA student membership. Download the application form by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button and become part of the conveyancing community today.

How we help you with finding your first conveyancing job

Our employment register advertises positions available and you are able to place an advert seeking a position free-of-charge.

Networking opportunities are available at our seminars, our annual state conference and partner-sponsored events.

Our team is here to answer all your membership questions.

Our team are here to answer your membership questions and can explain to you the application process.

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