How we started

The AICSA was incorporated on 12th July 1973, pursuant to the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act, 1985 SA. It is a division of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and is managed by a management committee known as a Division Council. Day-to-day operations of the Institute are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Vision

Conveyancing as a strong, sustainable and respectable profession.

Our Purpose

We exist to strengthen the conveyancing profession by supporting and advocating on behalf of our members.

The Council

The Division Council comprises a President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President and five councillors. All but two councillors must be ordinary members of the AICSA (conveyancers). The role of the Council is to:

  • carry out the objectives of the Constitution
  • set policy and review annually
  • annual review and update of the Institute’s Strategic Plan
  • represent the views of members; and
  • act as ambassadors to promote the Institute and its members

Council Members

Michelle Hendry


Conveyancing Matters
P: 8232 6666

Brad Eckermann

Vice President

Eckermann Group
P: 0429 859 539

Will Lieding

Liedig & Associates
P: 8396 3855

Yvette Graetz

Minter Ellison
P: 8233 5431

Sue Andriani

Eastern Conveyancing Pty Ltd
P: (08) 7226 8033

Ben McDonald

Fentons Conveyancing
P: 8186 6100

Kate Baxter

SAI Global Property Conveyancing SA Pty Ltd
P: 8104 3500

Emma Nankivell

Nankivell Conveyancing
P: 08 8552 7751

David Stocker

Independent Director

Staff Members

Carmel Noon



P: 08 8359 2090

Rohan Hocking

Marketing and Membership Manager

P: 08 8359 2090

Peter Potoczky

Program Manager

P: 08 8359 2090


The AICSA has representatives on numerous consultative committees of various government departments. The Institute has established the following committees: 
Membership Services & Publications Committee
  • Yvette Graetz, Chair

CLICK HERE for Terms of Reference.

Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Brad Eckermann (Chair)
  • Gina Belle
  • Kate Baxter
  • Carmel Noon
  • Eythan Barraclough
  • Michelle Hendry
Legislative Review Committee
ADHOC – appointed as required.
Professional Development and Events Committee
  • Michelle Hendry, Conveyancing Matters, Chair
  • Sue Andriani, Eastern Conveyancing
  • Katherine Edwards, McKay Business Services
  • Grace Hammer, Johnson Lawyers
  • Hayley Schroeder, PGC Legal
  • Linley Schultz, Cowell Clarke
  • David Watts, TSF Consulting

General Meetings

The general meeting of the Division, known as the “Annual General Meeting” (AGM) shall be held in the month of September in each year on such a day, at such time and at such place as the Division Council may determine. All other general meetings of the Division shall be Special General Meetings (SGM). More details regarding these meetings are provided in the constitution.