Below is an overview of some of the taxes and levies associated with purchasing and selling property here in South Australia. Your conveyancer should be able to identify which will be applicable to your circumstances.

State Taxes and Levies

If you purchase property in South Australia you may be liable to pay certain state tax and levies including:

  • Stamp duty
  • Land tax
  • Emergencies services levy

There is a good discussion of each of these taxes and charges on the RevenueSA website.

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Stamp Duty Calculator

To determine how much stamp duty you will be required to pay on a conveyancer use this Stamp Duty Calculator.

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Foreign Purchasers

Foreign persons (which includes natural persons and corporations) or foreign trusts that acquire an interest in residential land in South Australia are required to pay a foreign ownership surcharge (the “surcharge”) of 7% of the value of the interest in residential land.

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Land Tax

Land tax is an annual tax that applies to all properties in South Australia. However, there are tax-free thresholds and exemptions that exclude properties from the tax.

If a property is resided in by the owner of the property as their principal place of residence the general rule is that this property will be exempt from land tax.

To find out more about land tax including applications for exemption the RevenueSA site has all the information you need.

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Foreign Residents Capital Gains Withholding Payments

New rules apply to vendors disposing of certain taxable Australian property under contracts entered into from 1 July 2016.

A 12.5% non-final withholding will be incurred on these transactions at settlement.

This means Australian residents who are selling a taxable Australian property with a market value of $750,000 or more need to obtain a clearance certificate from the ATO.

The clearance certificate will confirm that the 12.5% withholding amount does not apply to the transaction.

If a seller doesn’t provide a clearance certificate to the buyer by settlement, the buyer will be required to withhold 12.5% of the sales price and pay this to the ATO.

Where a buyer fails to withhold when they should, a penalty may be equal to the amount that was required to be withheld and paid. Interest will also be payable.

Liability for paying this amount may fall on the Conveyancer acting for the buyer.

More detailed information is available at the Australian Taxation Office.

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GST at Settlement Measure

On or after 1 July 2018, certain purchasers of new residential premises or potential residential land will be required to withhold an amount from the price of the supply for payment to the Australian Taxation Office.

A vendor of property is required to notify purchasers before settlement whether or not they have withholding obligations. If there is, the vendor must notify the amount that must be withheld and paid to the ATO.

The amount a purchaser must pay is generally either:

  • 1/11th of the contract price (for fully taxable supplies)
  • 7% of the contract price (for margin scheme supplies), or
  • 10% of GST exclusive market value of the supply (for supplies between associates for consideration less than GST inclusive market value).

For detailed information on this measure the ATO website has a large amount of information including a video, webinar and podcast.

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