In order to reduce the risk of title fraud…

In 2013, each state authority introduced reforms for a new Verification of Identity Policy (VOI). In South Australia documents executed on or after 1 July 2013 are required to comply with the policy.

As part of the South Australian commitment to implementing electronic conveyancing, business practises and policy changes were required. The introduction of VOI was the first step in the required policy changes.

Purpose of the Policy

The policy reduces the risk of land title fraud and other improper land title dealings in South Australia, thereby strengthening the security, certainty and integrity of South Australia’s Torrens land title system.

How does it affect you?

Your conveyancer will explain what the requirements are and assist you through the process.

They may carry out the identification themselves or may use an agent to do so.

A variety of documents may be used to verify identity including passports, Australian driver’s licence, Proof of Age Card and more. Your conveyancer will assist you to understand what documents may be used to meet the requirements.

For more detailed information about the process and requirement please visit the Land Services SA Verification of Identity page to view the latest requirements here.

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